Rent woodland?

Where is the wood, you ask. It is in Gloucestershire, and is one the the historic woods in the area. Over the past few years it has been tended to in places, and allowed to grow in others.

It is being taken over shortly by a new owner who want to bring it back into good condition but also share it with those who love the woodlands.

We are looking to hire a forester who could be on site for a portion of the year who can help build the woodland maintenance plan.

We are also looking into the possibilities of renting out 3-10 acre plots within the forest to those who have been looking for a woodland retreat and who wish to practise or learn about forestry, or run bushcraft trials, or spend a few weekends in the wild.

The plots would each come with 28 day rule possibilities, but with some restrictions so that the wood does not become overused. The guide price per acre is £25 a week with a minimum term and the income will be used to enhance in the woodland.

We are trying gauge the level of interest in this, and we would rather rent it to woodland lovers than a shoot to cover costs. If you are interested, please register on the sidebar on the left and we will let you know more as plans develop.



The canopy

There are a variety of trees across this historic wood – sycamores, maples, birches, elms and ash trees – some in their infancy, some pushing up hard against the sky.

The Spring

There’s a valley in this forest, so shady that the banks are carpeted with autumnal leaves even up until March or April. A spring that starts at the head marshy runs through it gathering strength.